Die Hörposaune
2022, film/installation by Isabell Spengler, Antonia Baehr and Jule Flierl, single channel, 31 min., color, surround sound

Voice Elevator
2021, video installation, vertical cinema, 13 min., color/sound

Suspended Time, on Caring
with maternal fantasies
2019-2021 (wip), video, 53 min., color/sound

Love and Labor. Intimacy and Isolation. Care and Survival.
with maternal fantasies
2020, 8-channel video performance / livestream, 23 Min.

Like so many...
with maternal fantasies
2019, photo-text installation

with maternal fantasies collective
2019, photo series

Echo Chamber
2017, site-specific installation,
including video, sound, furniture and other materials

2016, collective film project,
10 min., colour/sound

2016, video, 9 min., colour/sound, music by WOO

Two Days at the Falls
2015, video installation, 2 channel, 22 min. loop

Vivianne Echo Starlite
2014, video and performance,
12 min., colour/sound

Inside the Tiger
2014, video by SAGSI group
14 min., colour/sound

Vater, Mutter, was soll ich heute filmen?
2012, HD video, 52 min.

Tracing the Forest Tarpan
2012, live film / performance score, 7 min., overhead projection and soundtrack

Two Friends and More Than Four Walls
2010, lecture with overhead projection and threedimensional test arrangments, with Antonia Baehr

Surviving in Hollywood
2010, lecture with projected images

Osmosis of the Unicorn
2009, 16mm film on digital video, 12 min., colour/sound

2009, 35mm film, 9 min, colour/sound

The Pitch
2008, HD video, 17 min. colour/sound

Making and Unmaking of The Pitch
2008, live film / video performance

Weather Songs
2007-2008, 15 arrangements of serial photographs

2008, HD video, 7 min.

Telepathy Experiment I
2007, video installation, 4 channel, split screen, 33 min. loop

2007, 16mm film on digital video, 4 min., colour & b/w, music by Larry Peacock

2006, Super8 on digital video, 2:30 min., colour/sound

2006, Super8 on digital video, 7 min., colour/sound

Permanent Residents
2005, 16mm film, 9:30 min., colour/sound

Permanent Residents
2005, 5 C-prints

The Natural Life of Mermaids
2004, Super8 on digital video, 10 min., colour/sound

Holiday Movies Initiative
2004, founding of a film collective

Transformation in the Land of Enchantment
2003, Super8 on digital video, 6 min., colour/sound

2002, video for road side installment, 7 min. loop, colour/sound

ELIZA 2000
2000, interactive performance for two players

Da Kiekste Wa
2000, Super8 on digital video, 7:30 min., colour & bw, sound

Chicks with Guns
1999, installation, 8 C-prints, 8 channels of audio on headphones and 2 channels of video

Psychic Tequila Tarot
1998, 16 mm film, 24 min., colour/sound

Psychic Tequila Tarot
1996 - 1998, interactive performance in a car