16mm on digital video, color & bw, 4 min., Isabell Spengler & Larry Peacock, 2007

Translating a stage performance by the group "Larry Peacock" into the language of film, SYNCPOINT combines film images created directly on film leader with those created through normal exposure of 24 frames per second with a 16mm film camera.

Central to this experimental music video is the image of the synchronization point as a hole, derived from the film synchronization method of punching a hole into the first exposed and numbered frame of a roll of film before transferring it to video.

The film is made in the style of a flicker film. The synchronicities between the image and sound give rise to a puzzle in which numerous references appear. Film historical references, such as Tony Conrad’s "The Flicker" (1966) and Yoko Ono’s film "Four" (1967), are recontextualized in combination with the performance by the musicians and their playback game with unusual percussion instruments.

Larry Peacock is a feminist project with and about the performativity of electronic/pop music, reflecting gender politics and the role of the audience. The project not only destabilizes the normativity of binary gender categories, but also art categories such as 'high' and 'low,' 'dance,' 'concert-performance,' and 'choreographic work.'

Isabell Spengler

sound & performance: Larry Peacock
(Land aka Andrea Neumann, Ulf Sievers aka Sabine Ercklentz, Henry Fleur aka Antonia Baehr)

funded in part by Hauptstadtkulturfonds



video excerpt