35mm film, color, sound, 9 min., D, 2009

The film consists of 8 sequences with 12 photographs each. Each image is shown for 5 seconds. The photographs show landscape models made from wrapping paper, sparklers, and cat litter. Minor changes from one image to the next suggest movements and transformations that can be interpreted as weather, natural spectacle, or natural catastrophes.

The soundtrack consists of natural sounds (for example, water, fire, and wind). These noises were used both atmospherically, for the purpose of creating naturalistic soundscapes, as well as abstractly, like music. Using cuts, repetitions, and transpositions, the sounds were composed into melodies that do not exist in nature. 

"LINT LENT LAND" – The title can be read as a sentence in English or as a reflection of the film’s temporal structure. The letter arrangement of the title reflects the game with repetition, alteration, and representation which occurs in the film, in the changes from one photo to the next:

"A constant shifting between the perfect illusion of associated places and moods and the nearly trivial materiality of the things and substances." (Florian Wüst, film audience).

concept, camera, editing and sound: Isabell Spengler

based on the photo series Weather Songs


The Pitch

video excerpt

premiere: 59. Berlinale, Forum Expanded 2009