Permanent Residents

16mm film, color, 9:30 min., USA/Germany, 2005

The film PERMANENT RESIDENTS combines lavish costume design with a documentary-style depiction of everyday events in the contemporary urban space of Los Angeles.
In compositionally polished framings, an imaginary space of a collective world of imagination opens up on the side of the viewer, a space in which motifs of popular culture, myths, and social fictions reverberate. The combination of an extremely futuristic look on the part of the protagonists and mundane everyday tasks such as cleaning, vacuuming, or shopping produces a radical joke that subversively infiltrates the acceptance of the routine activities and appearances of daily life that we all take for granted.
(Text: Arsenal Distribution)

Jessica Erker, Theresa Franklin, Andreas Ramani, Jennifer Sindon, John Williams a.o.

concept, costumes, camera, editing: Isabell Spengler

Permanent Residents

film still "Permanent Residents", premiere: Los Angeles Film Forum / KunstFilm Biennale Köln, 2005

video excerpt