Telepathy Experiment I

4-channel video installation, 32 min. loop, 2007

The installation documents a 30-minute experiment in telepathy between two friends who have known each other all their lives: the filmmaker Isabell Spengler and the choreographer Antonia Baehr.

Placed in two separate, isolated rooms, the test subjects use words, gestures, and drawings to send and receive thoughts from and to one another. Four simultaneously recorded channels of video showing the two test persons and their drawings are projected on a split screen.

Isabell Spengler
Antonia Baehr

concept, camera + editing: Isabell Spengler
sound postproduction: Nicholas Bussmann
color correction: Till Beckmann

"Interior Expansion", Berlinale 2007, Forum Expanded catalogue (excerpt), Feb. 2007
"Interior Expansion", Emilie Bujes, vonhundert, March 2007
"Katze Katze Kluge", Michaela Gruber, Zeichen und Wunder, Feb. 2007
"Wo Kunst und Kino sich küssen", Irene Genhart, Der Zürcher Oberländer, Feb. 2007
"MIMETISME", Extra City Kunsthalle, Antwerp, 25/01-30/03/2008, exhibition documentation (excerpt), Jan. 2008

Telepathy Experiment 01

installation views

video excerpt

permiere: 57. Berlinale, Forum Expanded 2007