Tracing the Forest Tarpan

Live film/performance score, 7 min., 2012,

29 transparencies for overhead projector and soundtrack

The live film performance TRACING THE FOREST TARPAN combines a retelling of the history of an extinct wild horse species (the Forest Tarpan) and its representation in pre-historical cave paintings with a series of childhood drawings by Antonia Baehr and Isabell Spengler in which exclusively horses are represented.

The horse drawings, which are projected live on the wall and animated in parallel with the spoken story, were created over a time period of 20 years. Both the history of the friendship, that is, the development of a common mindscape, and the friends’ common development of drawing techniques become visible.

The piece was created in the context of "ABeCeDarium Bestiarium", a production by MakeUp Productions, and was conceived for Antonia Baehr as the performer.

Original drawings:

Antonia Baehr, Isabell Spengler, 1972 - 1992 

written and spoken by Isabell Spengler, 2012

Tracing the Forest Tarpan

Tracing the Forest Tarpan, live film performance at "ABeCeDarium Bestiarium, Salon II + III",
Ausland Berlin, Oct. 2012, photo: Isabell Spengler

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