Echo Chamber

site-specific installation
Isabell Spengler, 2017

The installation transforms the exhibition space of LAMOA into the home of Vivianne Echo Starlight, protagonist of a film by Isabell Spengler and Daniel Adams, shot in 2014. The figure of Starlight is loosely based on the Greek myth of the nymph Echo, who was condemned to speak only by repeating the words of others. In their film Spengler and Adams envision and embody her as an androgynous, old actress, who has trouble remembering her glorious days in Hollywood in the 1920's, now that she lives isolated in a tiny hut in the woods of Southern France.
By dividing the exhibition space into two rooms, connected through a one-way mirror, the installation allows viewers to walk through Starlight's chambers, to literally step into her shoes and to share her perspective on loops, duplication, time-travelling and refractions of light and sound waves.

LAMOA (Los Angeles Museum of Art) is a mobile exhibition space, founded in 2012, created and directed by Alice Könitz. LAMOA is currently located on the Campus of Occidental College in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

a wall separating a dark and a bright room, one-way mirror, two chairs, two dressers, two pairs of slippers and other props in pairs, single channel video on monitor, non-sync stereo sound installed in separate room

supported by:
the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin

Mirror, mirror by Catherine Wagley, LAWeekly, April 19, 2017
Support Structures - Alice Könitz and LAMOA by Catherine Wagley, CARLA, Quarterly Issue8, 2017

Echo Chamber

ECHO CHAMBER, installation view, LAMOA (Los Angeles Museum of Art), 2017

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