Voice Elevator

vertical cinema installation, single channel, 9:16, rear projection, 4K, stereo sound, 13 min. loop
Isabell Spengler in collaboration with Neo Hülcker, D 2021

Transient moments during a gender-transition are examined in a musical composition and a dialogue scene for a breaking voice.
Two elevator rides are presented in a vertical cinema projection. The first scene is a musical elevator choreography: The movements of three elevators at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin are musically interpreted and sung as glissandi, whereby the singer's voice break is particularly audible.
The second scene shows a first encounter between two artists in a glass elevator at Berlin Central Station: Connections between pitch of voice, persuasiveness, authority and the concept of the "status see-saw" are discussed and simulteneously tested in performance. In three variations, the scene unfolds a structural play by relating dialogue, performance and voice pitch to the direction of travel of the elevator.
The relationship between the performers and its depiction are questioned with regard to the construction of status and gender.

performance score 1 (Potsdamer Platz): Isabell Spengler
performance score 2 (script, dialogue): Isabell Spengler & Neo Hülcker
performance score 3 (studio): Neo Hülcker

concept, director, editor, producer: Isabell Spengler
concept & director scene 3: Neo Hülcker

performers: Neo Hülcker & Isabell Spengler
cinematographer & color grading: Till Beckmann
second camera: Juliane Zelwies
gaffer: Josephine Freiberg
sound recordist: Manuela Schinina
sound mix: Jochen Jezussek

Thank you to the extras:
Katrin Winkler, Cat Barich, Ann Oren, Carola Schaal, Sabine Erklenz, Meggie Schneider, Steffi Weismann, Lea Uria Garcia

inspired by Neo Hülcker's breaking of the voice concert

supported by:
Bremen Award for Video Art #26, Filmbüro Bremen

- Bremen Award for Video Art, GAK - Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, April - June 2021
- Monitoring, 38. Kasseler DokFest, Nov. 2021

>elevator02cund3c.jpg VOICE ELEVATOR, video stills

>Voice Elevator_installation view_GAK2021 VOICE ELEVATOR, installation view, GAK Bremen 2021, 26. Bremer Videokunst Förderpreis, Foto: Franziska von den Driesch

further installation views