Da Kiekste Wa

digital video (shot on Super8), 7:30 min., France, 2000
a film by the Holiday Movies Initiative: Daniel Adams, Antonia Baehr, Stacy Goldate, Isabell Spengler

A lovely dinner party is interrupted by the appearance of an angry bunny, who claims that his friend was murdered by vampires. When the bunny is gone, the appetite of our friends at the dinner table has vanished as well. Everybody suspects everybody else of vampirism and other non-vegetarian eating habits. They all leave the table.
In the end, the problematic relationship between animals and humans is discussed by two bunnies as they are feasting on the leftovers at the deserted dinner table.

The film was produced according to the principals layed down in the HOLIDAY MOVIE MANIFESTOS. See also: Holiday Movies Initiative

Da Kieste Wa

film stills